Tuesday, July 17, 2007

40 IN 5000 OUT

It looks like a pretty good deal.
I do come to the site and see lots of projects available that you can work on.
There are no fishing involved because DQ is checking on every project by phone most of the time and see if the project is a serious deal or not. I wanted to see some more about the projects but I found this testimonial.

"I bought $40 in credits and within 3 days my company had contracts worth more than $5,000. DesignQuote.net has allowed me to focus on development of projects rather than hunting down work. Instead of going out looking for jobs, I have clients who have projects in hand and ready to hear what we can do for them. I can review the job and decide which clients I want to go after. This service changes the way my team works. Thanks DQ!"
To the nal

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