Friday, June 29, 2007

More details of Avaya from Forbe

As you see it in the image above, the share went up high and gave Silver Lake-TPG(who is buying Avaya) a pretty good deal.more

Avaya Agrees to Buyout

Avaya agrees to be acquired by Silver Lake Partners and TPG Capital for about $8.2 billion, or $17.50 per share cash. Avaya provides communications systems equipment to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations.more

Who Should Be Fired Over The Google Email?

by Nathan Weinberg
So, the author of the now infamous ex-Googler email has been revealed, and Geoffrey Elliott is none too happy about the whole situation. See, he worked at Microsoft, left to start a startup, the startup got bought by Google, and he left Google to return to Microsoft. His Microsoft recruiter sent him some questions about life at Google, and in the context of a private conversation, he sent along his thoughts.

That is a shame that his privacy has been ruined like that. Isn’t job interview contents supposed to be kept in between the applicant and the authorized person in HR just as the recommendation letters are kept sealed until it is delivered to the recruiting HR people?

AppleWatch Live: Episode 4

This is a cool summary. Jason Schramm talks about Iphone launch and Mac OSX upadtes.


Google Russia Resurrects Answers as Questions And Answers

Nathan Weinberg from BNC(blog news channel) posted an article on Google Russia.
They have launched a web site with a cool design called Google Answers and Questions.
It can be considered as a newer version of Google Answers where people pay money to ask questions. This newer version is not involved with money at all to interact with it.

New Version Of AdSense Referrals Launched

By Nathan Weinberg
Google has significantly improved its referral program for AdSense, calling the new version Referrals 2.0. They say that the new version has thousands of products to choose from, category and keyword targeting to suggest the best products for your site, and a “Pick best performing ads” option which automatically displays ads expected to perform best. The new interface is pictured behind that link.more

Search public source code on Google

Google has launched a beta version of code search. It is showing snippet of codes and group them with identical codes. It is worth your try! Click 2 try

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mossberg, "Goes Much Further" Than Google

Recently I have introduced the new designs of They were pretty cool. Now starting to get feedbacks.
Here is one of them.
" Takes Lead In Designing Display Of Search Results by Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal reviews's new 3D look." more

Is Google Losing Its Magic For Employees?

Search engine land has a posting today about a Wall Street Journal's article.

"Today's Wall Street Journal featured an article entitled Start-Ups Make Inroads With Google's Work Force, which focused on emerging potential retention problems at Google (in particular vs. Facebook)." more

Web base file search for Español users

This search is stating that effective search with pretty good selections of file extensions and safe search for our young population.

Cyber-bullying on the rise in US

Cyber crimes have been there with a big risk. Glad that BBC is dealing on this.
Following is a quote from the posting and here is the link to the BBC article.

"This.. according to a BBC News report. Research by the Pew Internet Project showed that one third of US online teenagers have been victims of cyber-bullying." more
Direct link to BBC article

Building Flash CS3 components

Ok, I found the original page for the Tutorial. It is very helpful. I am sure it is worth your click.
"Issue: Develop an ActionScript 3 component for Flash CS3 that resizes correctly and has a live preview."
Tutorial page

Tutorial FL CS3- Building Flash CS3 components

I found a article about Flash CS3. As always, until you try it you are not sure if this new version is worth the cost or not.more

Creating Images for the Web with Scalable Vector Graphics

DiamondLime is talking about the benefits of vector graphics for web.

Vector graphics could be one of the best things to happen to the web. Think about it—any user of any device could scale the entire site, including graphics, text, and rendered HTML elements to the size he or she wants without mucking up how it looks. Only photographs and other images that don’t convert well to vector formats would remain a problem.

Fun thing to read for the day!

Ken Levine, one of blogger posted pretty good posting.
"How to REALLY knock off the Bellagio"

OCEAN'S THIRTEEN is doing well at the boxoffice. Audiences love glitzy caper movies even if the capers are completely ridiculous. A couple of years ago my writing partner David and I wrote a pilot for Fox called ODDS about an all-night diner just off the Vegas strip that catered exclusively to the locals.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Google News Blog: Viewing the world through images

It seems like a pretty cool way to read news. Photos in news say a lot of things itself as you know. :)
Google News Blog: Viewing the world through images

Hell on air

I just cannot pass this posting without blogging it to mine. I know everybody would know exactly how it feels like.

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Microsoft, HP partner for HPCs

The world of High Performance Computing is starting to attract a lot of attention--from vendors as well as enterprise folks. Case in point: HP and Microsoft have announced a partnership whereby the two companies will package Microsoft's Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 suite with HP's Unified Cluster Portfolio.more

Yea or Nay: Crocs?

I found an interesting posting on Crocs.

Design VS comfortness? See what other people think on this.

FEED T-shirt and Bag: Fashion+Charity

1 FEED T-shirt = 100 children fed for 1 school day 1 FEED Bag= 1 child fed for 1 school year

Marie Claire, U.N. World Food Program (WFP) and model/socialite/first-niece Lauren Bush have joined together to create the "FEED" t-shirt and bag to fight hunger in developing nations around the world. 100% of the net proceeds of the $34.95 American Apparel cream cotton t-shirt will go to programs to feed the world's children and each FEED bag will feed a child for an entire school year.

A photo for the day!

It is always nice to have a little moment to anticipate a good piece of art.


Photoblog Posts: The Most Difficult Challenge is Leaving

Hope you enjoy this great photo as much as I do

The Most Difficult Challenge is Leaving, by Light Tight (profile)

Color profile story that majority of you might have experienced

I am sure that a lot of you have experienced the color differences between monitors or between color profiles. Dave Shea has a very helpful posting on this matter. more

Official Google Base Blog: New attribute requirements: MPN, UPC and ISBN

Google started to accept MPN, UPC and ISBN. Here are some terms and explanations that you might want to know with Google checkout. Click on the link below for more info.
Official Google Base Blog: New attribute requirements: MPN, UPC and ISBN

The Reviews Are In, Verdict: iPhone Lives Up to the Hype…Mostly

One of reviews for IPhone.

Original Story

Google News Blog: Viewing the world through images

It seems like a pretty cool way to read a news. Photos in news say a lot of things itself as you know. :)
Google News Blog: Viewing the world through images

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yahoo Chief Sales Officer, Millard left for Martha.

In what may be a response to Terry Semel's departure from Yahoo, WebmasterWorld moderator martinibuster reports that Wenda Harris Millard, Yahoo's Chief Sales Officer, has left the company. Search Engine Land reports that Millard will be working at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.more

Yahoo! Music goes radio silent

Yahoo Web Radio stopped their services today to respond on royalty increase of webcast music by Copyright Royalty Board in Washington, D.C. Yahoo call it as a "Internet Radio Day of Silence" to protest. Yahoo insists the new rate is going to lead most of webcast company including Yahoo to loss on revenue.
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Search Illustrated: The Power Of Link Baiting

I got following illustration from "Search engine land". It is simple but has the essence of the topic.

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Report: Don't Buy AdWords, Focus On SEO

Over the weekend, with the sensational headline "Search & Destroy," the New York Post wrote up the forthcoming results of an "audit" from UK-based Internet Search Metrics (also called Internet Search Management). The Post article says the audit, which is not yet released, argues that the spending on paid-search is often unjustified and that more resources should be devoted to optimization.

I wonder what this "Audit" people will going to do with all these pouring information era. People are paying AdWords to be listed above everybody in the keywords criteria. If they are going to be listed in the wrong field,, isn't that their loss? It seems that the decision what to click out of the search result is depend on users.

SearchCap: The Day In Search, June 26, 2007

This post has all summery on what is going on in the Web world. I found it is very resourceful and time saving. Hope you guys enjoy it too.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Search engine by people VS machine

Interesting post I have found today is talking about search engine by human vs machine. Also it mentions about brand marketing and the effects of it, too as follows:

Google Is a Machine; Mahalo, Our Human Search Savior
by Jordan McCollum
"We’ve already mentioned Matt Cutts’s thoughts on humans’ role in enhancing search engine results today. A New York Times article, “The Human Touch That May Loosen Google’s Grip,” yesterday prompted Matt’s (and several others’, including Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land) response(s) today."more

$10-$15 tote bag on Ebay for $400.

Weren’t lucky enough to score an Anya Hindmarch “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” tote for $15 in the store, and can’t afford buying one on Ebay for $400? Might we suggest this NSFW alternative.

Digg, Facebook Hit Magical Mark

Compete's Jay Meattle noted on the company blog how he first wrote about YouTube when it passed 20 million visitors. Four days later, Google announced it would acquire YouTube in a $1.65 billion deal.

An Open Letter to Jerry Yang

"Welcome aboard, Chief Yahoo.

I did a little asking around, to some people that matter in the industry, people that care about your search division, and especially about your Panama rollout. What will happen next? Anything cool? Bold?"

I am sure it is a really important time of period for Yahoo to accelerate themselves in the field. I am sure Yang has already felt heavy weights on his shoulder

New Look of

Here are some new design of

Design looks really good. When announced the new design, I thought there will be just one version of it. Seems like you can choose from the selections. I am sure it would appeal to lots of people with different interests
Also it has a function of auto filling with popular keywords!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Both Black & Decker and Johns Hopkins Could Use This Laser

By Kristen Philipkoski

PETALUMA, California -- Barry Schuler, the former CEO of AOL, has a laser he says can do it all. It can cut metal, heal burns and kill cancer tumors -- all without damaging heat.

It would be really nice if this can be used for medical but I wonder how strong it can be and what is the safety feature for this...

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Mariko Mori’s Wave UFO Lands in Holland

By Todd Jatras

Tear drop shaped UFO. What a concept!
It seems like a cool exibition.
Wonder if they are going to do this in US..

Machinima Marches Toward Amusing

by Jason Silverman
I found a original posting of story below.

An epic story derived from the World of Warcraft game, Terran Gregory & Ezra Ferguson's film The Return, a finalist in the best picture category, offers an Iliad-like tale of warriors away from home.
View Slideshow View Slideshow
Machinima is growing up -- finally.


Machinima and Mackie Awards

Looks like an interesting films and events.

Microsoft beats back piracy in China

The problem of piracy could just be the necessary price of doing business in China for US companies. Yesterday the Bush administration announced it’s playing hardball and taking China to court in the World Trade Organization on charges of violating intellectual property rights, citing rampant piracy of books, music, and videos.


Google corners nearly two-thirds of US search market

The latest search market share numbers are in from Hitwise: in the four weeks ended March 31st, Google (GOOG) racked up fully 64.13% of all US searches. That’s up more than 10% since March 2006, and, if trends hold, Google’s share will pass the two thirds mark by August. In the same period, Yahoo (YHOO), Microsoft (MSFT), and Ask (IACI) all lost share. As the old Wall Street hands like to say: “Liquidity begets liquidity.”

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Live Search Books: Now with In-Copyright Content

This is a great news for artists. Also it would be good for users to view great arts with a peace in mind. Seems like web media starting to get settled with arts and copyrights. To original page

Google - The Ultimate Money Making Machine

I found this interesting article. It is though 2 month old but for sure it is worth it.

Here is the link to original post