Wednesday, June 20, 2007 Lend an Online Hand

I found this posting says

"you know about
It is an online service that allows you to make a microloan to a small business of your choice in a developing country."

I have tried the kiva yet but it would be really nice if you can get a good return.


Ramon said...

Kiva is quite cool. It's amazing to see how your $25, pooled with other people's $25, actually makes a difference in the living standard of a micro-entrepreneur in the Third World.

The returns that Kiva give you are "emotional returns": they don't pay interest to the lender. But then again-- do you really need interest on this $25 investment?

You can find my loan portfolio here. Check it out if you are interested!

Monkey and banana said...

Usually these organizations have zero returns :(. Think of it as making donation with your yield but not the principal + you cannot deduct it.