Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IPTV, how close we are?

My Friend mentioned IPTV this morning and got very excited to own a station. I was not sure if it is that easy like to own your domain name. I did some surfing on the web and found some informations on it.

Here is one of them. Following Article is from engadget.com and written by Darren Murph. To original article Also there will be a Forum in London next March on this, FYI.
"We know, it was a year ago yesterday that we had this very same conversation, but apparently, cable companies aren't heeding the advice of analysts. According to yet another study, this time by ABI Research, "cable providers will soon be faced with a serious bandwidth crunch" as more and more individuals look to online gaming, video-on-demand, and IPTV for enjoying their precious moments of leisure. Compounding the problem is the growing demand for more HD channels in the lineup, and considering that the satellite operators are already raising the bar, cable carriers can only play dumb for so much longer. Stan Schatt, VP and research director for ABI Research, was quoted as saying that "digital switching is key" to releasing some of the strain on current infrastructures, and while we aren't ones to believe that the influx of online TV delivery will debilitate the internet (or cable providers), something seemingly has to give -- and soon."

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