Tuesday, August 14, 2007

getting a compliments from clients

Recently I found a testimonial from one of our clients how much he was satisfied with our services. These comments always cheer us up no matter what. Special thing about this testimonial was that he mentioned about my coworker, Joe who is in charge of client relations. While I was reading it, I felt that Vexcom accomplished a lot with designquote.net, a lead service site. It earned good reputation with its superb services and also a bond with co-workers because the service system is not only working by one person nor the program itself. It needs a lot of team work like checking the seriousness of the projects and explanations on how to find a right job and how to get a better quotes in price and quality wise. Since all these team work spun together well, Joe can get great compliments. Warm applause for Joe and to ourselves.


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